The Board of Advisors includes professionals who have been in the forefront of policy, legislative advocacy and program development in child abuse and early child development in Hawaii for many decades.

Gail Breakey, MPHGail Breakey, MPH, Executive Director
Gail Breakey is one of the founders of the Healthy Start and Healthy Families America initiatives, now focusing primarily on advocacy and policy issues.

Katie Bennett, MSW, EsqKatie Bennett, MSW, Esq
Katie Bennett Katie serves as a guardian ad litem for children in foster care and works with the DHS and MBT School of Social Work to advocate for policies and practices to improve Hawaii’s child welfare system.

Linda CobleLinda Coble, Advocate
Formerly a TV anchor for Channel 9, Linda Coble has been a strong advocate for Healthy Start and a leader in raising funds for this child abuse prevention program.


Loretta Fuddy,MSWLoretta Fuddy, MSW
Now Director of Health, Loretta Fuddy was previously Chief of Family Health Services, providing leadership in developing Healthy Start with private service providers.


Howard Garval, MSWHoward Garval, MSW
CEO of Child & Family Service in Hawaii, Howard Garval has been a strong advocate for child abuse prevention both here and with his former agency in Connecticut.


Patti J. Lyons, Hon PhD
Patti Lyons led advocacy efforts to establish child protective services and a multi-disciplinary team in Hawaii. She has worked tirelessly for child abuse prevention, intervention and treatment efforts in Hawaii and the Philippines.

Jon Matsuoka, PhDJon Matsuoka, PhD
Former Dean of the MBT School of Social Work, Jon Matsuoka is currently CEO of Consuelo Foundation.


Dr. Elizabeth McFarlaneElizabeth McFarlane, PhD, MPH
Dr. Elizabeth McFarlane directs studies addressing issues of risk and prevention in early childhood and the impact of early life experiences on later health and development aimed at informing policy regarding child health and development, and eliminating disparities

Victoria Schneider, MD
A pediatric specialist in child abuse, Dr. Victoria Schneider established the CARE program for children in foster care, and oversaw an Attachment Behavioral Catch-up pilot program.

Calvin C.J. Sia, MCalvin C.J. Sia, MD, EmeritusDr. Calvin C.J. Sia has been a longtime leader and catalyst in establishing services related to child abuse and neglect in Hawaii, including the reporting law, child protective services, Healthy Start, the CARE project and the Pediatric Medical Home.


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